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Why I do not post my name in this blog. January 19, 2006

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My name is not available to the public. You could argue that I am making one of the Ten Blog Design Mistakes, as noted by Problogger. The answer to this is simple: privacy.

Of course my privacy is a component of this, but most important is the privacy  of my patients.

By not making my name available, I decrease, maybe not to zero but considerably, the chances of you deducting any information about my patients. My first responsibility is to them.

And that way I can be truthful about what I see on a daily basis, otherwise, I would either have to be too vague or change too many details.

The only objection I have with remaining anonymous is that you could thing I am trying to avoid responsibility of my opinions. I guess the only way to deal with that is just asserting the honesty of my intentions, and that if is needed, I will present myself as the author of this blog.

Since this blog will be mostly information, I expect it not to be too controversial in content.

I will have to put a disclaimer, remember, our society is pretty litigious!

So here it goes: Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for educational and informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice for a specific patient. If you need specific medical advice, you shoud contact your physician. (you will be able to see this disclaimer on a separate page later).

Is it good enough? If you think otherwise, please let me know.



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