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Welcome! January 7, 2006

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So another blog on the internet. What is new about that?
I guess not much.
Let me justify its creation.
I am a physician in training, working as a resident in internal medicine. I love my job, and I love the human side and the science behind it. And this last years of training have been very intense. Not only because I have had to work a lot of hours, and study on my free time, but also because I have met many, many patients. I agree with a fairly commonplace opinion that our best teachers are our patients (it is probably an expression from a very famous doctor, William Osler -here is a link to the wikipedia entry for him-)
Over the last year, I have been noting how important education is in the work of a doctor.
I hope this does not sound condescending and believe me that is not my intention (although I agree that because of my profession I should be presumed guilty of this charge).
Not only we need to educate ourselves and newer generations of doctors about medicine, but also, and perhaps much more importantly, we have to educate our patients about their health. It is a fundamental part of medicine, and I think we have done a poor job over the history of our profession (or “piss poor” as one of my attendings would say).
Over the last couple of years, I have heard of blogs, maybe read a couple or two, but very sporadically. It was only two weeks ago, when my (very smart) girlfriend decided to create a blog of her own, that I started taking a closer look at them. And the natural result was the desire of creating a blog of my own.
So the idea is to create a place where you can find answers to your questions about health, disease, healthcare, doctors (and their sometimes unhealthy lifestyles!).
I am not an expert. Remember, I am still training.  But this may be an opportunity to learn together.



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